Our Story

Every Child PDX connects caring community members with vulnerable children and families in partnership with the Department of Human Services. We are dedicated to the flourishing of every child.



In 2012, Embrace Oregon, (now Every Child PDX), began with one big question from founder Jillana GobleWhat happens to children when they are waiting at a DHS Child Welfare office for a Foster Family?  

The answer was disheartening and sparked Jillana to develop the Welcome Box. The Welcome Box emerged with the help of a grant from Imago Dei Community, and Portlanders began to fill box after box for child welfare offices in the Portland Metro area. This momentum soon grew to include hospitality for caretakers, DHS visitation room make-overs, regular volunteers, and more.  

The momentum grew in Portland, and Embrace Oregon began to experience unprecedented results. 

  • More than 600 foster family inquiries since 2015, and 250 foster families certified with DHS Child Welfare 

  • 750 tangible needs met 

  • 3,550 volunteers engaged 

  • 14,000 Welcome Boxes delivered 

  • 100 businesses and 90 faith communities connected 

As a result, interest began to pour in from other counties in Oregon asking, “How can I start something in my community?” 

In 2015 the interest was turned to action with a statewide expansion of Jillana’s vision. The expansion was named Every Child. Now, across Oregon leaders are building unlikely bridges, stabilizing families for the next generation, and mobilizing Oregonians to care for their neighbors.  

What began with a humble box of gifts for a vulnerable child, has now grown to a statewide movement. Every Child Oregon will have a presence in all 36 Oregon counties by the end of 2022.  


After several years of running Embrace Oregon & Every Child alongside one another, we made an exciting change! Beginning September 16, 2020, Embrace Oregon’s name changed to Every Child PDX.   

This change is not a departure from our heartbeat, our roots, or our vision, but it is a reflection of an expanded vision.  

Every Child PDX is part of the Every Child Oregon effort. And now, whether you live in SE Portland or in Pendleton, whether you’re in Aloha or in Brookings, Every Child will be the local effort to connect with for serving kids impacted by foster care, foster families, and Oregon families who touch the child welfare system.  

Please join us as we rise together to take care of Every Child in Portland. Every Child PDX.



Our Foundational Pillars:

Equity Commitment

We believe that it is dangerous to hear only a single story regarding youth in foster care, the families who are experiencing the loss of children through foster care, and foster parents.   

We believe we all have something we can contribute to the lives of children and families. 

We believe there are more of us that can care for our most vulnerable children than there are currently. 

We believe in speaking and highlighting the hopeful stories of those impacted by the system. 

We believe in the determination of biological parents, children, and families impacted by the system. 

We believe in collaborating as a community to carry the weight of those who have been severely underserved and overrepresented in our state due to the inequities of our history. 

We believe and are working towards highlighting the voices of those who have lived experience in the systems we work alongside to inform our work and hold us accountable.